25 April 2024

Destroyed Kantsedalivka images from the air

The village of Kantsedalivka in the Kharkiv Region was liberated last fall. Then, the volunteers who were the first to get to the village saw a terrible picture: ruins, burnt cars, charred bodies.
23 April 2024

Destroyed Pervomaiske images from the air

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Pervomaiske was constantly shelled. The village had no light for over a year: the occupiers severely damaged the power grid.
22 April 2024

Velyki Prokhody images from the air after de-occupation

175 kilograms of TNT, 68 anti-tank mines — the Russians left behind an incredible amount of explosives in a border village in the Kharkiv Region.
04 April 2024

Destroyed Shapovalivka images from the air

The Derhachi Region at the border was among the first to be attacked by the Russians. About half the community was occupied. At the same time, the village of Shapovalivka found itself in the gray zone.
25 March 2024

Destroyed villages of Dibrivne and Kurulka images from the air

In the Kharkiv Region, two villages are just 10 minutes away from each other: Dibrivne and Kurulka. One was occupied by the Russians and heavily mined, and the other was destroyed.
18 March 2024

Not a single house undamaged: Pytomnyk from the air

As a result of constant enemy shelling, not one house has survived undamaged in Pytomnyk, a small village in the Kharkiv Region.
09 February 2024

Lisne from the air: damage and destruction

Lisne has been one of the hotspots of the war in the Kharkiv Region. Ukraine’s armed forces halted the Russian advance four kilometres away. For the next six months Lisne was surrounded by the invaders.
22 January 2024

Mala Danylivka from the air: damage and destruction

The destruction in Mala Danylivka. From 1941 to 1943 the town, 20 kms from the Russian border, was occupied by the Germans. In February 2022, Mala Danylivka was almost occupied again, this time by invading Russian forces.
24 November 2023

Derhachi from the air: damage and destruction

Lying 12 kms northwest of Kharkiv, the town of Derhachi was never occupied by the invading forces. From the first days of Russia’s full-scale war, however, the town was constantly shelled during the battle for Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.
20 November 2023

Borshchova from the air: damage and destruction

Borshchova (403: 2001) is a small village, 15 kms north of Kharkiv. It was attacked during the very first hours of the Russian invasion last year.
18 November 2023

Destroyed Lyptsi from the air

Lyptsi village (pop. 4,500, 2021) is a village in the Kharkiv Region. It is located five kms from the border with Russia, and 34 kms from Kharkiv.
26 October 2023

The destruction of Cherkaski Tyshky viewed from the air

The village Tyshky appeared on the bank of the Kharkiv River in the 1650s. Later it divided in two, called Cherkaski and Ruski Tyshky. Both suffered substantial damage last year.
09 October 2023

View of destroyed Oskil from the air

Oskil, a village in the suburbs of Izium, is one of the oldest settlements in the Kharkiv Region. It existed in the early seventeenth century under the name Tsareborysov.
09 August 2023

Destroyed Tsyrkuny from the air

Tsyrkuny is a village near Kharkiv, which the Russians occupied on the first day of the war. Tsyrkuny was a launch pad for the shelling of Kharkiv.
07 August 2023

What remains of Izium

Since mid-2022, KHPG researchers have been taking photos, from the ground and from drones, of the damage and destruction wreaked by the war throughout the Kharkiv Region. The following photos illustrate what remained of Izium after it was liberated.
04 July 2023

Ruski Tyshky: the consequences of the occupation — a view from the air

Documenters from the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group are filming the destroyed Kharkiv region using cameras from the ground and on drones. In this collection are photos of Ruski Tyshky after de-occupation.
30 June 2023

A view of the destroyed Kamianka from the air

Kamianka is a village in the Kharkiv Region located 10 kilometers from Izium. With the first days of a full-scale war, it was in the zone of fierce fighting.
21 June 2023

Ruined Northern Saltivka from the ground and the air

Blackened houses, broken windows, deserted streets. The impression that time stood still. No, this is not Chornobyl. This is Northern Saltivka, a large residential area in Kharkiv, in the summer of 2022.