18 January 2024

At a crossroads

We will manage to survive only if our resistance to this sinister Russian gloom remains nationwide.
17 October 2023

Combating Illegal Deportation and Forced Displacement of Ukrainian Children: Return and Justice

Representing a wide community of non-government organizations and initiatives that are signatories to the Memorandum of NGOs of Ukraine on Common Guiding Principles Regarding Responsibility for International Crimes Committed in Ukraine, we reached a common agreement on the following.
19 March 2023

On the warrant issued for Putin’s arrest

In a statement published on 18 March 2023, the Tribunal for Putin coalition welcomes the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for the arrest of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and of Maria Lvova-Belova, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights. T4P calls on the governments of the world to support and facilitate this decision and stresses the necessity for Ukraine to ratify the Rome Statute.
24 February 2023

There Is no Statute of Limitations for Justice

It is essential to conduct effective investigations into all war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of genocide committed in Ukraine, says the Tribunal for Putin (T4P) coalition.
30 October 2022

Russia bears responsibility for its actions in all parts of Ukraine. A statement by the T4P initiative

The world community must reject Russia’s attempts to legitimise its “offshore” (extra-territorial) jurisdictions in occupied Ukraine, thereby evading responsibility for the war crimes and crimes against humanity it is committing there.
09 August 2022

Amnesty International’s 4 August statement. A response by the T4P initiative

Amnesty International's statement on violations of international humanitarian law by Ukrainе's armed forces is insufficiently documented. T4P does not support the public campaign against AI, however.