13 February 2024

‘The water stayed for a week’

Vasyl from Yasna Polyana lost everything: his house, belongings, even his clothes were gone.
26 January 2024

‘Home is always home’

Natalia is from the village of Korolivka in Kyiv Region. With tears in her eyes, she shows us what’s left of her house.
17 January 2024

‘I last saw her on the 8th March’

Nina lives in Mariupol. In the first days of the war, the woman lost contact with her sister and family.
05 January 2024

‘It flooded us first. Because we’re lower’

Within hours of the destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station, the village of Inhulets in Kherson Region was underwater.
26 December 2023

‘Nothing, not one bit of news about my son’

Yulia lives in Mariupol. Her 16-year-old son couldn’t stand the horrors and left home.
24 December 2023

‘We had 42 people, and they had 500 with all their equipment’

Ihor is a resident of the village of Inhulets, in Kherson Region. Within a few days of the start of the war, he was defending Kherson.
18 December 2023

‘The rocket flew straight through the roof. The roof is completely ruined’

Vira is a resident of Myrne in the Mykolaiv Region. After “russian civilisation” arrived, not one building survived.
15 November 2023

‘I can’t do anything to get my grandson back’

The 5-year-old’s grandfather is trying to return Yaroslav to Ukraine. The man lost his family in March 2022.
07 November 2023

‘God forbid someone finds themselves in a situation like this’

Halyna is from Inhulets, Kherson Region. During the full scale invasion, the woman survived true hell.
17 October 2023

What Is Behind Russia’s Bio Labs Fakes?

New research analyzes Russian disinformation in 2022 related to biological and chemical weapons. Fake experts and “fact laundering” techniques are used to spread the lies, and Russians have made several “documentaries” about mythical US labs.
26 July 2023

‘This will be a part of our lives forever’

At the beginning of March 2022, Moshchun was fully surrounded by Russian forces. Enemy artillery began to destroy local homes.
19 July 2023

Russian tanks fired upon civilians

Nadiia Korcheva is from the village of Zalissia. The Russians smashed everything around, robbed homes, mined vegetable gardens and shot civilians from tanks.
11 July 2023

‘Do not look! Our house is burning’

Liudmyla Shevchenko lives in Moshchun. The house they struggled to build, in which three generations of the family lived, burned down before her eyes. All they managed to save were documents.
04 July 2023

The Most Densely Populated Hood Shelled by Russia

Kharkiv local government estimates that around 70% of buildings in Northern Saltivka, one of the city’s residential neighbourhoods, have been destroyed as a result of Russia’s indiscriminate shelling, mostly during the first 6 months of the invasion of Ukraine.
28 June 2023

‘Go pack and get out of here’

After the occupation of the village Velyka Dymerka, the Russians drove a tank into Olha Lasa’s garden and hid in the cellar, kicking her, the owner, out into the street. A large hospitable house, where children and grandchildren visited, burned down.
25 June 2023

Downtown Kharkiv After a Missile Strike

In the evening of 06/05/2023 Russia once again attacked Kharkiv with missiles. One of them hit the central Rymarska Street. According to the mayor Ihor Terekhov, no one was injured.
24 June 2023

Mass Graves near Izium

After the liberation of Izium by Ukrainian forces, the spine-chilling aftermath of the Russian occupation was discovered in the local forest.
22 June 2023

The occupiers used the local people as human shields

Nina Kasiian lived in the village of Velyka Dymerka, in Kyiv Region. She left with her whole family when the village came under Russian occupation. The Russian military set up an observation point in her house. When they retreated, they stole everything that could be stolen.
15 June 2023

Shot from a machine gun in his own yard

Mykhailo Tepliuk from Bohdanivka was returning after visiting a neighbor when a Russian sitting on a tank started shooting at him. The first two bullets pierced his knee, the third bullet ripped off his hat and pierced his temple.
09 June 2023

‘Waving a white scarf toward a Russian tank’

Maryna Belkova lived in Bohdanivka, Kyiv region. To evacuate her family, she had to ask permission from the Russian military. Her son covered the car with white ribbons, and Marina walked ahead with a white scarf in her hands.
06 June 2023

A Psychologist Explains Russia’s Brutality In Ukraine

‘It is often spooky,’ says Alena Hrybanova describing her experience working with the people traumatized during the war in Ukraine.
28 March 2023

‘The village that’s like a ghost town’

Zinayida Kostenko lives in Moshchun, a village near Kyiv. From the very first days of the war, Russian artillery shelled the village. Preliminary estimates say 75% of Moshchun’s houses were completely destroyed.
20 March 2023

‘My life was completely wiped out,’ resident of Borodianka says

Halyna Khoroshchak was the victim of fierce bombing by Russian aircraft. They destroyed her apartment, and many of her friends were killed, injured, or went missing.
13 March 2023

‘They killed our friends, then they destroyed our homes’

The war caught Mykola Kostenko near Kyiv in his native village, Moshchun. On the first day of war, he says, he counted up to 15 enemy helicopters over his house. Soon, they began to wipe his village off the face of the earth.