23 April 2024

Destroyed Pervomaiske images from the air

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Pervomaiske was constantly shelled. The village had no light for over a year: the occupiers severely damaged the power grid.
22 April 2024

Velyki Prokhody images from the air after de-occupation

175 kilograms of TNT, 68 anti-tank mines — the Russians left behind an incredible amount of explosives in a border village in the Kharkiv Region.
21 April 2024

Strategic threat in the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for implementing the powers of the prosecutor's Office in criminal prosecution for committing international crimes for 2023-2025 was approved.
18 April 2024

Forced disappearances in the Kharkiv Region: analytical review

In the period from 24 February 2022 to 31 March 2023, we recorded 1,874 cases of disappearances in the Kharkiv Region. A total of 2,025 people were missing.
14 April 2024

Speech at the opening of the Fourth Readings in memory of Arseniy Roginsky

It is necessary to create an International Tribunal with a special charter for the legal qualification of crimes of the communist regime of the USSR and post-communist Russia.
12 April 2024

‘He called to set Kremlin on fire’

Anatolii Levchenko is a well-known theater director in Mariupol. The man was accused of inciting hatred, extremism, and terrorism, and even calling for the Kremlin arson because he posted on Facebook a chewing gum wrapper, “Love is...”.
07 April 2024

Eight torture chambers in 21 months — the geography of captivity

‘…They kept telling us: we are changing you, we are going for an exchange. . . I moved from place to place eight times, thinking I was going on an exchange. Instead, they brought me to a new ‘reception’. . . As soon as we were unloaded from the police wagon, they started beating us’.
04 April 2024

Destroyed Shapovalivka images from the air

The Derhachi Region at the border was among the first to be attacked by the Russians. About half the community was occupied. At the same time, the village of Shapovalivka found itself in the gray zone.
31 March 2024

Torturing the priests and destroying the churches

Below just some of the hundreds of Russian crimes against churches during the war in Ukraine are described.
28 March 2024

The Russians kidnapped two brothers from Enerhodar who worked at Zaporizhzhia NPP

Liudmyla Vasylivna is waiting for two relatives to return from Russian captivity: in September 2022, in Enerhodar, the Russians took her twin brothers, Serhii ta Oleksandr Korzh.
27 March 2024

‘If we don’t invest in art, we can fail’, Matvii Vaisberg says

Paintings by the artist Matvii Vaisberg became illustrations for the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group’s new book about Mariupol. He believes we should do more to promote contemporary Ukrainian art worldwide.
25 March 2024

Destroyed villages of Dibrivne and Kurulka images from the air

In the Kharkiv Region, two villages are just 10 minutes away from each other: Dibrivne and Kurulka. One was occupied by the Russians and heavily mined, and the other was destroyed.
20 March 2024

Inaction as a path to impunity

For ten years, not a single court has considered this question: were the crimes against participants in the Revolution of Dignity crimes against humanity?
19 March 2024

What does a military chaplain do, and who needs him?

And what do chebureks [deep-fried turnovers with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions] have to do with it? Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleh Sydorenko recalls the story from the service.
18 March 2024

Not a single house undamaged: Pytomnyk from the air

As a result of constant enemy shelling, not one house has survived undamaged in Pytomnyk, a small village in the Kharkiv Region.
15 March 2024

He believed in Russia today, the place of a decent person is only in prison

Reminiscences about Oleh Orlov.
06 March 2024

Absence of law and international control

What happens to Ukrainian civilians in Russian captivity.
01 March 2024

Russia-Ukraine war: what does filtration mean?

A description is provided of the filtering procedures for Ukrainians forcibly deported to Russia.
25 February 2024

Civilians in captivity: In Oskil the invaders abducted a disabled man because of his diving suit

“Hello, my darlings. Hugs and kisses to you all. I’m alive and well and shall be back soon”. Tetiana received that short message from her husband in May 2023. She had not seen him since 19 June the previous year.
24 February 2024

‘I Gave the Dogs Vodka to Keep Their Hearts Going’

A businesswoman from Mariupol, Valeriia Kaminska got out of the city and went to live in Lviv (West Ukraine). She was interviewed by Volodymyr Noskov and Denys Volokha.
16 February 2024

‘It’s a kilometre to run through unexploded shells to get to the well...’

Vitalii Smazhev spent 100 days with his mother in occupied Izium (a town in Kharkiv Region). He had to dig graves for old people who were dying of cold.
12 February 2024

The first trial in the USA about war-crimes in Ukraine

Aspects of the case of war-crimes against a US citizen committed in the Kherson Region.
09 February 2024

Lisne from the air: damage and destruction

Lisne has been one of the hotspots of the war in the Kharkiv Region. Ukraine’s armed forces halted the Russian advance four kilometres away. For the next six months Lisne was surrounded by the invaders.
08 February 2024

The Butchers of Vovchansk: Suspects named

They abducted the woman, fired a gun next to her ear, and beat her until she lost consciousness. Her tormentors have been named: a Russian citizen and someone from Luhansk are suspected of violating the laws and customs of war.