Velyki Prokhody images from the air after de-occupation

175 kilograms of TNT, 68 anti-tank mines — the Russians left behind an incredible amount of explosives in a border village in the Kharkiv Region.
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вул. Радянська ул. Советская

Radyanska Str

The distance from the village of Velyki Prokhody to the Ukrainian-Russian border is 10 kilometers. The village came under Russian occupation on the first day of the war and was liberated six months later. Like the handwriting of a killer, many of the mutilated and burned cars and buildings have the racist “Z” painted on them.

While retreating, the invaders mined a dam in the village. “The total TNT equivalent is approximately 650 kilograms. According to experts, 500 kg of TNT equivalent was used to explode the Nord Stream pipe,” — said Serhii Bolvinov, head of the investigation department of the National Police of the Kharkiv Region. The consequences of such an explosion would be catastrophic, flooding entire villages and towns.

In addition, four substations in the village were completely destroyed, and the remaining seven were damaged by 40-50%. Only in January 2024, after one of the substations was repaired, power was partially restored to the village.

вул. Радянська, 13а [великі проходи, харківщина, зруйнована харківщина, заминована дамба, окупація харківщини] ул. Советская, 13а

13a Radyanska Str

вул. Радянська, 24 ул. Советская, 24

24 Radyanska Str

вул. Радянська, 26а ул. Советская, 26а

26a Radyanska Str

вул. Молодіжна, 1 ул. Молодежная, 1

1 Molodizhna Str

вул. Молодіжна, 3 ул. Молодежная, 3

3 Molodizhna Str

вул. Молодіжна, 23 ул. Молодежная, 23

23 Molodizhna Str

вул. Молодіжна, 25 ул. Молодежная, 25

25 Molodizhna Str

вул. Шевченко ул. Шевченко

Shevchenko Str

вул. Авіаторів ул. Авиаторов

Aviatoriv Str

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