A view of the destroyed Kamianka from the air

Kamianka is a village in the Kharkiv Region located 10 kilometers from Izium. With the first days of a full-scale war, it was in the zone of fierce fighting.
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Tractor brigade in Kam’ianka

“There is not a single house intact, and the infrastructure has been destroyed. The town has been obliterated; there is only devastation and Russian equipment left by the occupiers, fleeing the village”, — this is how the Kharkiv regional prosecutor’s office wrote about Kamianka in the fall of 2022 when it was released during the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian military.

This collection contains photographs of Kamianka after the de-occupation.

House on Shkilna Street, Kam’ianka, Izium district

House on Shkilna in Kam’ianka

Farm in Kam’ianka


Village club building in Kam’ianka, Kharkiv Region

Club in Kam’ianka, Kharkiv Region

Kam’ianka Village Council


School, Kam’ianka, Izium district

Temple in Kam’ianka

Kam’ianka Village Council

Tractor brigade

11 Tsentralna Street, Kam’ianka, Izium district

10 Tsentralna Street, Kam’ianka, Izium district

18 Iziumska Street, Kam’ianka, Izium district

11 Molodizhna Street

11 Molodizhna Street, Kam’ianka, Izium district

10 Molodizhna Street, Kam’ianka, Izium district

4 Iziumska street

23 Iziumska street

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