16 June 2024

‘The rocket killed my father. This will never be erased from my memory or heart’

Ostapovska Nataliia and Iryna are residents of the Chervona Hirka village. Before their eyes, the rocket destroyed the house, animals, and the most dear person — father and husband.
02 June 2024

‘We will be in Ukraine until the end,’ a Canadian volunteer says in Kharkiv

Paul Hughes’ organization carried out more than 300 missions in Ukraine. During one of them, a Canadian was interrogated for eight hours by the Russians.
09 May 2024

‘I see no path to reconciliation until evil is called evil’

The mass grave at the Temple of St. Andrii the First-Called in Bucha became the last refuge for Ukrainians who suffered from Russian aggression. How do we overcome discord and hatred? Is it possible to overcome them?
12 April 2024

‘He called to set Kremlin on fire’

Anatolii Levchenko is a well-known theater director in Mariupol. The man was accused of inciting hatred, extremism, and terrorism, and even calling for the Kremlin arson because he posted on Facebook a chewing gum wrapper, “Love is...”.
27 March 2024

‘If we don’t invest in art, we can fail’, Matvii Vaisberg says

Paintings by the artist Matvii Vaisberg became illustrations for the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group’s new book about Mariupol. He believes we should do more to promote contemporary Ukrainian art worldwide.
19 March 2024

What does a military chaplain do, and who needs him?

And what do chebureks [deep-fried turnovers with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions] have to do with it? Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleh Sydorenko recalls the story from the service.
24 February 2024

‘I Gave the Dogs Vodka to Keep Their Hearts Going’

A businesswoman from Mariupol, Valeriia Kaminska got out of the city and went to live in Lviv (West Ukraine). She was interviewed by Volodymyr Noskov and Denys Volokha.
16 February 2024

‘It’s a kilometre to run through unexploded shells to get to the well...’

Vitalii Smazhev spent 100 days with his mother in occupied Izium (a town in Kharkiv Region). He had to dig graves for old people who were dying of cold.
31 January 2024

‘Children, I won’t be able to teach the lesson because the war has started’

Oksana is a teacher of Russian language and literature. When Mariupol was shelled, she felt as if her heart was turning into a small bird. It was painful to look at the blackened houses and the faces of the neighbors that faded from the war and seemed to have been erased.
09 January 2024

American Volunteer at Bucha Morgue

Patrick Loveless came to Bucha immediately after its release: he helped to sort the corpses in the Bucha morgue and saw and felt the consequences of what the Russians did. What he saw shocked him so much that he could not forget about it.
26 December 2023

Mariupol. ‘A sniper killed my husband’

We spoke with Olha Leus from Mariupol at the YaMariupol center in Lviv, where the Kharkiv human rights group came to help Mariupol residents who live in Lviv after leaving their hometown.
16 December 2023

Polygraph to attest pro-Ukrainian position: Doctor from Kherson

Leonid Remyha was in charge of one of the hospitals in Kherson at the beginning of the Russian invasion. The head physician ended up in a Russian torture chamber for refusing to cooperate with the invaders.
07 December 2023

‘Run forward. If you turn around, we'll shoot you’

Rostyslav Pashynskyi and his fellow traveler were captured when they tried to evacuate from Bucha alone. They were beaten and threatened to cut off their ears and fingers. The Russians simulated shooting his fellow traveler, forcing him to admit he was a lookout. Our report shows how much terror two civilians had to endure and how this story ended.
22 November 2023

Playing Bach’s music accompanied by explosions. Accordionist Ihor Zavadskyi

Every day since the beginning of the war, a Ukrainian accordionist plays songs and publishes them on his channel to keep the spirits up. His work during the war became the basis of a new record-breaking album.
07 November 2023

‘I’m not used to having four coffins with soldiers in the temple’, — priest Viktor Marynchak

After the invasion began, Viktor Marynchak continued to serve in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, although he blessed everyone who decided to leave Kharkiv to evacuate. Military funerals are often held in the church now, forcing Father Viktor to ask himself difficult questions.
25 October 2023

‘A whole family died in a neighbouring house’ — resident of Sievierodonetsk

A resident of the devastated town describes the first weeks of the war.
13 October 2023

‘When a rocket hit our shelter, a hot water pipe there was damaged. My friend was doused with boiling water, all his clothes just stuck to him’

Denys Nozhaiskyi has relatives in Mariupol. He was in Kyiv when the war began, but fate brought him later to Bucha during the days of the heaviest shelling. The man says that now he has only one wish: to go to the war and take revenge on the enemy.
02 October 2023

‘My three-year-old son says: Putin should be buried in his bunker — then there will be no war’

Teacher Alina Veshchuk lived in Horlivka (Donetsk Region) until 2015. Then she fled the occupation to Kramatorsk. In 2022, history repeated itself again... She says that back in 2014 she already understood how the enemy was fighting: “Friends saw “Grad” (multiple rocket launcher) drove into the field, shoot at Toretsk, where the Ukrainian army was, then this “Grad” turned around and shot then back at Horlivka: the enemy wanted people in Horlivka to think that it was Ukrainian army shot back at them”.
13 September 2023

One step away from death — the story of volunteer Maksym Vainer

Maksym Vainer worked in an international team engaged in medical evacuation in the Bakhmut area. They were trying to evacuate a woman wounded after a shelling when a Russian missile hit their car. Maksym received numerous injuries, and his partner, an American medical volunteer, Pete Reed, died.
01 September 2023

‘When Freedom Square was hit by a rocket, our house shook’

Nataliia Frolova has two native cities: Berdiansk, where she was born and raised her daughter, and Kharkiv, where she had moved a few years before the full-scale war. Both cities suffered at the hands of the enemy.
28 August 2023

‘I prayed to God for my trees to resist’

Liudmyla Lomeiko, a resident of Moshun (village in Kyiv Region), used to transmit the coordinates of the enemy to her son, who is serving now in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the first days of the full-scale war. She prayed for the trees she had planted with her own hands to resist.
14 August 2023

‘Russian soldiers stopped the car with bread, threw the bread out and ran over it with their car. So that people would have nothing to eat’

A resident from Kherson tells how the city lived during the first days of the Russian occupation.
01 August 2023

‘Couple of men were sitting drinking tea in the kitchenette. A shell fell there and they were just torn apart’

Pensioner Mykola Perepelytsia lives in Krasnopillia (Donetsk Region). His village has been subjected to numerous airstrikes. He says: “An aircraft came every morning, smashing houses and tearing down roofs”.
19 July 2023

‘You can neither negotiate with the Russians nor trust them...’ — says a resident of Mariupol

Vitalii Bandrushkiv is a resident of suffering Mariupol who was forced to seek refuge in Drohobych with his wife and child. Now he managed to fight with the invaders.