22 September 2023

57 bodies from Izium mass grave still unidentified

As noted by the Kharkiv Region Prosecutor’s Office, more than twenty of the exhumed bodies suffered broken bones, 15 bore gunshot wounds and at least 15 showed signs of torture.
21 September 2023

The role of professional communities in qualifying and overcoming the consequences of genocide in Ukraine

Continuation of the discussion on the nature of genocide.
15 September 2023

Defending POWs and civilian prisoners: the role of the Red Cross

Under international humanitarian law the International Committee of the Red Cross should play a key role in defending the rights of prisoners of war and captive civilians. The present Russo-Ukrainian war has shown that it is not meeting certain of its obligations. As a result, thousands have suffered.
11 September 2023

Sources of Russian cruelty

Olena Hrybanova, a psychiatrist working in Ukraine, identifies three reasons for the systematic sadism of Russian soldiers and explains why their Ukrainian victims often do not receive the treatment they need.
09 September 2023

‘Man is not a consumable material for solving state tasks’, — Jan Rachinsky

Speech of chairman of the International ‘Memorial’ Society in Oslo on August 31, 2023 at the Nobel Peace Conference: Human Rights Heroes.
07 September 2023

For all it achieved, this commission might not have been created

On 1 July 2022, Ukraine’s parliament (Verkhovna Rada) created a temporary specialised commission to deal with issues of international humanitarian and criminal law arising from Russia’s war against Ukraine.
06 September 2023

‘The concept of genocide needs to be re-examined’, says author of submission to the International Criminal Court

On 28 August the T4P Initiative submitted a long and detailed report to the International Criminal Court about the acts of genocide perpetrated by Russia in and around Mariupol. We talk to KHPG expert Mikhailo Romanov about the prospects for this report.
26 August 2023

Why should the transfer of Ukrainian prisoners of war to Hungary cause concern?

On June 8, 2023, it was reported that 11 Ukrainian POWs of Transcarpathian origin were handed to Hungary with the assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church.
25 August 2023

Cars, washing machines, jewelry, and sausages: How the occupants robbed the Kharkiv Region

On the Russian military looting in the Kharkiv Region.
18 August 2023

60 thousand Ukrainians forcibly mobilized to fight Russia’s war against Ukraine

Nobody knows the number of men forcibly mobilized from occupied Donbas and killed as Russia’s cannon fodder for its war of aggression against Ukraine.
03 August 2023

Russian forces have used sexual violence as a weapon against Ukraine

A special approach is needed when working with those who have suffered sexual violence linked to the present conflict. It is of great importance to gather testimony and establish patterns of behaviour. As of early May 2023, 182 incidents of this kind had been fully documented.
02 August 2023

Over 24,000 civilians killed, wounded, or missing, during 14 months of war

Thousands of civilians have died or been wounded by Russian shelling and bombing since the full-scale invasion in late February 2022. Many others have disappeared. The worst affected are the areas bordering Russia.
25 July 2023

Mother of two abducted from Melitopol, tortured and held prisoner in Moscow

How do you explain to children that the Russians who invaded your home are holding your mother prisoner and calling her a “terrorist”?
20 July 2023

Russia has been striking civilian sites 75 times a day on average: T4P investigation

The shelling of sites within Ukraine accounts for 84% of the war crimes committed by Russian forces. The T4P project has documented more than 30,000 such attacks on civilian sites since 24 February 2022.
06 July 2023

Russia hides Kharkiv student abducted 15 months ago ‘for opposing’ its invasion

Mykyta Shkriabin, a third-year law university student, has not been seen since he was seized by Russian soldiers in Kharkiv region on 29 March 2022.
26 June 2023

The Torture of Ukrainian soldiers and imprisoned civilians

On 26 June 1987, the UN Convention Against Torture (and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment) came into effect. At present, 173 States, including Ukraine and Russia, have signed and ratified the Convention.
06 April 2023

Putin must stand trial for abducting children from Ukraine

Russia is violating the basic principles that defend children in wartime. Not only have the occupying forces taken no measures to return Ukrainian children to their families: they are deporting little Ukrainians to Russia and making them part of Russian society.
01 April 2023

The forced deportation of children is an act of genocide

Genocide is primarily associated with mass murder but from the outset the 1948 Convention listed the transfer of children from one human group to another as an act of genocide.
10 March 2023

A year of full-scale war: the Kharkiv Region

Over the past twelve months the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHPG) has documented a total of 9,252 incidents (war crimes, crimes against humanity, acts of genocide) in the Kharkiv Region. At least two thirds of the incidents (6,048) were linked to shelling or bombardment by Russian forces.
08 March 2023

Enforced disappearances in Ukraine since 24 February 2022

Enforced disappearances are among the most common crimes systematically committed in Ukraine, thus far with impunity, by representatives of the Russian Federation.
07 March 2023

‘Filtration’ of Ukrainian citizens by the occupying forces. A form of violence on many levels

To identify Ukrainians who are opposed to the occupying forces, Russia uses searches, interrogation and torture.
04 March 2023

Damage and destruction by mines and other explosive devices

Drawing on information gathered in the T4P database, we offer a systematic account of the use of mines and other explosive devices in the Kharkiv Region over the past year (24 February 2022-20 January 2023).
03 March 2023

Attacks on medical institutions in the Kharkiv Region: 24 February 2022 to 29 January 2023

Over the past year, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group has gathered information about damage to hospitals, other medical institutions and medical transport throughout the Region.
09 February 2023

War crimes in the Kharkiv Region, 24 February-20 November 2022

This survey lists the war crimes and crimes against humanity recorded by the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHPG) during the first 270 days of Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine.