Destroyed Tsyrkuny from the air

Tsyrkuny is a village near Kharkiv, which the Russians occupied on the first day of the war. Tsyrkuny was a launch pad for the shelling of Kharkiv.
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вул. Незалежності, 53 ул. Независимости, 53

Independence Street, 53

“When Tsyrkuny was under occupation, there were Chechens, Buryats, and DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] representatives who behaved extremely inhumanly, absolutely unscrupulously, and immorally. They took out everything from the houses, starting with household items, dishes, appliances, and washing machines. People tried to explain that if you do not have a centralized water supply, the washing machine will not work. They just took it as certain trophies, without even understanding the principle of operation of these devices,” — said Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv regional military administration.

Almost all social institutions were destroyed in the village, including schools, hospitals, and administrative buildings, and shelling continues today. It was decided to add Tsirkuny to the list of settlements that will be rebuilt according to the “build back better” principle: “rebuild better than it was”. Then this decision was doubted, but finally, it was concluded that the village would remain in the government program.

This collection contains photographs of Tsyrkuny after the de-occupation, taken by the Kharkiv human rights group for the purpose of documentation.

провулок 1 Травня, 3 переулок 1 Мая, 3

1 May Lane, 3

провулок 1 Травня, 9 переулок 1 Мая, 9

1 May Lane, 9

провулок 1 Травня, 27 переулок 1 Мая, 27

1 May Lane, 27

провулок 1 Травня, 52 переулок 1 Мая, 52

1 May Lane, 52

вул. Яблунева, 5 ул. Яблоневая, 5

Yabluneva Street, 5

вул. Фермерська, 5 ул. Фермерская, 5

Fermerska Street, 5

вул. Соснова, 11 ул. Сосновая, 11

Sosnova Street, 11

вул. Соборна, 6Б ул. Соборная, 6В

Soborna Street, 6B

вул. Соборна, 74Б ул. Соборная, 74Б

Soborna Street, 74B

вул. Соборна, Ферма ул. Соборная, Ферма

Soborna Street, Farm

вул. Соборна, Ангари ул. Соборная, Ангары

Soborna Street, Hangars

вул. Соборна, Ангар ул. Соборная, Ангар

Soborna Street, Hangar

вул. Соборна, Адміністративна будівля ул. Соборная, Административное здание

Soborna Street, Administrative building

вул. Соборна, ВП Бріз, виробничий корпус ул. Соборная, ВП Бриз, производственный корпус

Soborna Street, VP Breeze, production building

вул. Присадибна, 60 ул. Приусадебная, 60

Prysadybna Street, 60

вул. Незалежності, 71 ул. Независимости, 71

Independence Street, 71

вул. Громадянська, 1А ул. Гражданская, 1А

Hrazhdanska Street, 1A

вул. 23 Серпня, 2 ул. 23 Августа, 2

23 August Street, 2

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