Destroyed Kantsedalivka images from the air

The village of Kantsedalivka in the Kharkiv Region was liberated last fall. Then, the volunteers who were the first to get to the village saw a terrible picture: ruins, burnt cars, charred bodies.
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General view

All this happened at the hands of the Russian occupiers. According to witnesses, a Russian sniper was working in the village and was hunting civilians.

After the occupation, the body of a man with a gunshot wound to the head was found in the village, buried near the murder site.

In addition, the occupiers mercilessly shelled the village: in September 2022, six aerial bombs were dropped here in two days. The surviving houses remained only on the outskirts, and everything else became ashes.

провулок Степний, 1 переулок Степной, 1

1 Stepnyi Lane

вул. Степна, 1 ул. Степная, 1

1 Stepna Str

вул. Степна, 4 ул. Степная, 4

4 Stepna Str

вул. Степна, 10 ул. Степная, 10

10 Stepna Str

вул. Кутузова, 2 ул. Кутузова, 2

2 Kutuzova Str

вул. Кутузова, 3 ул. Кутузова, 3

3 Kutuzova Str

вул. Кутузова, 4 ул. Кутузова, 4

4 Kutuzova Str

вул. Кутузова, 5 ул. Кутузова, 5

5 Kutuzova Str

вул. Кутузова, 6 ул. Кутузова, 6

6 Kutuzova Str

вул. Кутузова, 8 ул. Кутузова, 8

8 Kutuzova Str

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