Derhachi from the air: damage and destruction

Lying 12 kms northwest of Kharkiv, the town of Derhachi was never occupied by the invading forces. From the first days of Russia’s full-scale war, however, the town was constantly shelled during the battle for Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.
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вул. Сумський шлях, 18 ул. Сумской шлях, 18

18 Sumskyi Road

According to the local media, the infrastructure of Derhachi (pop. 17,655; 2020) was severely damaged during the first months of the war. On 12 May 2022, for instance, Russian forces shelled the Uragan cultural centre, then providing humanitarian services, using a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. The club was totally destroyed the following day during another rocket attack.

After the Kharkiv Region was liberated last autumn work began actively to restore the town. By New Year 2024 the community aims to complete 132 restoration projects. 97% of the town’s pre-war population have now returned, says Viacheslav Zadorenko, to repair and rebuild their homes.

вул. Сумський шлях, 34 ул. Сумской шлях, 34

34 Sumskyi Road

вул. Сумський шлях, 52 ул. Сумской шлях, 52

52 Sumskyi Road

провулок Транспортний, 4 переулок Транспортный, 4

4 Transportna Lane

провулок Лінійний, 3 переулок Линейный, 3

3 Liniinyi Lane

вул. Центральна, 5 ул. Центральная, 5

5 Tsentralna Street

вул. Хлібороба, 77 ул. Хлебороба, 77

77 Khliboroba Street

вул. Терешкова, 10 ул. Терешкова, 10

10 Tereshkova Street

вул. Садова, 33 ул. Садовая, 33

33 Sadova Street

вул. Золочівський шлях, 17а ул. Золочевский шлях, 17а

17 Zolochivskyi Lane

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