Not a single house undamaged: Pytomnyk from the air

As a result of constant enemy shelling, not one house has survived undamaged in Pytomnyk, a small village in the Kharkiv Region.
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вул. Центральна, 9 ул. Центральная, 9

9 Tsentralna Street

The Russian invaders occupied Pytomnyk (pop. 205; 2001) in the Kharkiv Region on the first day of the February 2022 invasion.

Located on the frontline, it was liberated on 10 May the same year, six days after the Ruska Lozova village was freed. Thereafter it was constantly shelled by the enemy until not a single building was undamaged.

вул. Центральна, 15 ул. Центральная, 15

15 Tsentralna Street

вул. Центральна, 22 ул. Центральная, 22

22 Tsentralna Street

вул. Центральна, 27 ул. Центральная, 27

27 Tsentralna Street

вул. Центральна, 35 ул. Центральная, 35

35 Tsentralna Street

вул. Лісова, 1 ул. Лесная, 1

1 Lisova Street

вул. Лісова, 2 ул. Лесная, 2

2 Lisova Street

вул. Лісова, 3 ул. Лесная, 3

3 Lisova Street

вул. Лісова, 5 ул. Лесная, 5

5 Lisova Street

вул. Лісова, 7 ул. Лесная, 7

7 Lisova Street

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