Lisne from the air: damage and destruction

Lisne has been one of the hotspots of the war in the Kharkiv Region. Ukraine’s armed forces halted the Russian advance four kilometres away. For the next six months Lisne was surrounded by the invaders.
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вул. Менделєєва, 5 ул. Менделеева, 5

5 Mendeleyev Street

Lisne is close to Kharkiv. It was famous, above all else, for its zoo: the Feldman Eco Park.

From the beginning of the all-out war Lisne was shelled and bombarded by the invaders: six volunteers at the zoo and staff members died, as did many of the animals. There was a suggestion that the park be closed and the animals and birds put to sleep. Thanks to support from volunteers, however, more than four thousand animals and birds were evacuated and saved from death. Today the Feldman Eco Park is being turned into a hospice for animals fatally injured during the war.

Lisne had more than one thousand inhabitants before February 2022. More than 60% of the settlement’s residential buildings were damaged and since the liberation of the Kharkiv Region only two hundred people still live here.

провулок Молодіжний, 3 переулок Молодежный, 3

3 Molodizhnyi Lane

вул. Солов’їна, 5 ул. Соловьиная, 5

5 Solov’ina Street

вул. Мисливська, 12 ул. Охотничья, 12

12 Myslyvs’ka Street

вул. Ліснянська, 14 ул. Лиснянская, 14.JPG

14 Lisnians’ka Street

вул. Ліснянська, 15 ул. Лиснянсская, 15

15 Lisnians’ka Street

вул. Комарова, 16 ул. Комарова, 16

16 Komarov Street

вул. Добробутна, 6 ул. Добробутная, 6.JPG

6 Dobrobutna Street

вул. Горького, 20 ул. Горького, 20

20 Gorky Street

вул. Гагаріна, 5 ул. Гагарина, 5

5 Gagarin Street

вул. Гагаріна, 6 ул. Гагарина, 6

6 Gagarin Street

вул. Гагаріна, 9 ул. Гагарина, 9

9 Gagarin Street

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