Ruined Northern Saltivka from the ground and the air

Blackened houses, broken windows, deserted streets. The impression that time stood still. No, this is not Chornobyl. This is Northern Saltivka, a large residential area in Kharkiv, in the summer of 2022.
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Saltivka, where half a million people lived before the war, was shelled every day from the first days of the full-scale invasion. The neighbourhood of Northern Saltivka suffered the most damage. According to city authorities, approximately 70% of the houses were damaged or destroyed.

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group has been documenting the destroyed Kharkiv Region for almost a year, via drones and cameras on the ground. This collection contains photographs of the destroyed Northern Saltivka district.

Kindergarten № 109, Druzhby Narodiv street, 245

Druzhby Narodiv street, 271

Druzhby Narodiv street, 271

Lesia Serdiuka street, 42 and 44

News stand near Lesia Serdiuka street, 42

Lesia Serdiuka street, 48

Krychevskoho street, 41

Natalii Uzhvii street, 108

Natalii Uzhvii street, 82

Natalii Uzhvii street, 82

Natalii Uzhvii street, 96

Natalii Uzhvii street, 102

Natalii Uzhvii street, 112

Metrobudivnykiv street, 41

Local utility service “Kharkiv heating networks”, Metrobudivnykiv street, 23

Metrobudivnykiv street, 4

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