15 March 2023

She was about to turn 53. A citizen of Trostianets speaks about his wife’s detention and murder

Ihor Ivanov, an ethnic Bashkir who lives in Trostyanets, still cannot believe that his wife is no more. He did not want to leave the city during the occupation because he hoped she would return.
12 March 2023

‘Why fire eight rockets at a kindergarten?’

Okhtyrka resident lost her son on the second day of Russia’s invasion, he died while helping to equip a bomb shelter in a kindergarten. Due to constant shelling, they were able to bury him only three days later.
03 March 2023

At the plant in Vovchansk, the Russians ‘tortured even the priest with an electric shock’

We spoke with the deputy director of the aggregate plant, which used to be called the ‘concentration camp’ of Russians.
02 February 2023

‘Five people were killed there, including a pregnant woman’

Kharkiv resident Kateryna Ryndych talks about the bombing of Northern Saltivka.
31 January 2023

‘People held up the tracks with crowbars so our train could pass through’

An inhabitant of a village burned to the ground was evacuated from Kramatorsk one day before the tragedy at the train station.
28 January 2023

Sterilizing syringes with vodka and digging shrapnel out of the back

Hanna Shevchyk, 31, used to work in a maternity hospital in Mariupol. She had to spend a month in the bomb shelter. Her war story is different from others due to medical details, and shows how you can still save lives when there’s a lack of medicines.
14 May 2022

The Mariupol Moses. He led 117 people out of the besieged city on foot

Oleksiy Symonov, 44, is a charismatic sports host. His communication skills helped him, he says, to lead all of his companions out of their shelter “through the asphalt deserts” to safety.
03 April 2022

Oksana Stomina: ‘This is medieval cruelty boosted by modern technology and driven by the sick ambitions of a madman’

A Mariupol poet and public activist, Oksana Stomina lives today in western Ukraine. Her story records the plight of many.