26 May 2023

‘There were more than five thousand of us in the shelter’, the first days of war in Mariupol

When the war began, servicewoman Valeriia Krokis was eight months pregnant. She managed to escape the occupation, gave birth to her child in Lviv, and was reunited with her husband, who had been wounded at the frontine.
23 May 2023

‘I fell face down in the glass and covered my head with my hands’

We met with Halyna Khoroshchak in her apartment in Borodianka, which was destroyed by air strikes. With tears in her eyes, the woman spoke about how the Russians dropped bombs on residential buildings, shot civilians, and looted.
19 May 2023

‘I believe the war will end soon, and everything will be fine’

Blooming and beautiful — with these words, Liudmyla Halaka describes Borodianka. However, neither the beauty nor the amenities that struck the Russian occupiers prevented them from destroying not only the village but also human lives.
16 May 2023

When the building collapsed like a house of cards, she bade life farewell

Ninel Chernyshenko, a resident of Borodianka, saw with her own eyes how Russian planes deliberately dropped bombs on peaceful houses. Yet, against all odds, she believes in victory, peace, and the restoration of Ukraine.
13 May 2023

‘We love Ukraine. Why do they want to harm us?’ Mariupol pensioner couldn’t hold back her tears

Vira Tiata worked as a kindergarten teacher for 48 years. Even in the worst nightmare, she could not imagine that Russian invaders would destroy everything she had acquired.
10 May 2023

‘All the Buildings on our Street were Destroyed’, Rubizhne resident

Taras Viychuk interviews Kyrylo Kutsenko from Rubizhne. He witnessed the battles for Rubizhne twice. In 2014, the city stood up. In 2022, Russians completely destroyed it.
06 May 2023

‘I was afraid they would cripple me, not kill me outright’, a resident of Rubizhne

Natalia Shtepa left Rubizhne on March 26, 2022. She hid from the shelling with her neighbors in a cramped unfurnished basement. She says she slept sitting up for 17 nights.
03 May 2023

‘There was nothing left of the neighbor, only shoes...’

A resident of the Moshchun village in the Kyiv region tells about the horrors of the first days of the full-scale war.
30 April 2023

‘I was afraid they would cripple me’

Svitlana Holovata’s house in Moshchun was destroyed. Everything burned down: the beds, wardrobes, all wooden furniture, and TV. She said she felt like there was nothing there before.
27 April 2023

‘Grandpa was thrown 100 meters by the blast’

Volodymyr Zaika is a resident of the village of Moshchun, Kyiv region. He says that only 5% of the houses in Moshchun remained intact.
19 April 2023

‘Shells killed Sashko and Vasyl; Russian soldiers shot Slavko and Mykola’

Mykola Kostenko lives on Lisna Street in Moshchun village, Kyiv Region. In March 2022, it was absolute hell living in these parts.
15 April 2023

‘Grandchildren cried and said they didn’t want to die’

Kharkiv resident Nadiya Bratashevska recalls living with her husband in the basement for two months: “As you go for humanitarian aid, you keep praying to God. Then, you press against the wall until the shell flies by or explodes.”
12 April 2023

‘My husband and son were injured during an airstrike’

As a result of the airstrike, Iryna’s husband and a two-year-old son were injured. Their apartment was destroyed. But she wants to live in Borodianka and hopes to earn money for new housing.
10 April 2023

‘For all the evil they have done, they will be held accountable before God!’

Despite the persuasions of the children, a couple of pensioners from Borodianka refused to evacuate. They survived the air raids and saw the helicopters flying low overhead. Then, one day, Russians broke into their yard and began an interrogation.
04 April 2023

This teacher stayed behind in occupied Borodianka

“I couldn’t leave my dog,” says Nataliia from Borodianka. One day, eight Russian soldiers entered their house and began looking for the “Nazis”. According to Nataliia, they did not understand that no one was expecting such “liberators”.
29 March 2023

His mother was shot, and the place of work was destroyed

In just a month of occupation, the Russians destroyed the center of Trostianets, bringing death and injury to hundreds of families. The military shot Serhii's mother on the way to the hospital.
25 March 2023

One gun against a pack of invaders: Olena Kratkovska on her father’s death

Olena’s father died on the seventh day of the war, defending his house in the village of Yahidne. He was a pensioner, but when the Russian invaders entered the village, he picked up a hunting rifle and went against the enemy.
22 March 2023

Russians kept residents of the Chernihiv Region in the basement for a month

Unfortunately, not everyone came out of the basement when the Ukrainian army liberated the village. The Russians allowed women to go outside only once on 8 March, this was the way to congratulate them on International Women’s Day.
18 March 2023

‘War on four paws’: Serhii Neboha’s personal struggle

A vast number of animals have suffered since the beginning of the full-scale Russian aggression. The well-known cynologist Serhii Neboha helps his colleagues save dogs and talks about the problems of evacuation, cases of cruelty to animals, and the destruction of kennels.
15 March 2023

She was about to turn 53. A citizen of Trostianets speaks about his wife’s detention and murder

Ihor Ivanov, an ethnic Bashkir who lives in Trostyanets, still cannot believe that his wife is no more. He did not want to leave the city during the occupation because he hoped she would return.
12 March 2023

‘Why fire eight rockets at a kindergarten?’

Okhtyrka resident lost her son on the second day of Russia’s invasion, he died while helping to equip a bomb shelter in a kindergarten. Due to constant shelling, they were able to bury him only three days later.
03 March 2023

At the plant in Vovchansk, the Russians ‘tortured even the priest with an electric shock’

We spoke with the deputy director of the aggregate plant, which used to be called the ‘concentration camp’ of Russians.
02 February 2023

‘Five people were killed there, including a pregnant woman’

Kharkiv resident Kateryna Ryndych talks about the bombing of Northern Saltivka.
31 January 2023

‘People held up the tracks with crowbars so our train could pass through’

An inhabitant of a village burned to the ground was evacuated from Kramatorsk one day before the tragedy at the train station.